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Everything has charity. Charity as a treasure of course we already know it. Everything there's "a charity". As a Moslem we know it as shadaqah. Why? because we do not received everything a hundred percent. There are always other people's contribution make it happened. Two point five percent? or more - perhaps, I  also do not know exactly.

Shadaqah for our bones was Dhuha prayer. Shadaqah for the mind was silence and contemplation. Shadaqah of house is having the living room - to received the guest. Shadaqah face was smiling-face and look friendly. Shadaqah for room was to pray the Quran or take it in a speak kindly.

Shadaqah for the stomach is fasting. If we never give the right thing for our belly (for example) doing exercise on regulary not only "sometimes" if I "remember" - or eat to much, one day he would be in trouble. Not because the tummy was angry but the simply answer because we make it work without stopping - it is contrary of nature. It must be broken.

Shadaqah of vehicle? giving a ride. If you a "rocket science" - you have to help people become smarter, every moment. Shadaqah is a power of helping people. Technically it's  up to you.

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind. Always"

The king will be punished several moment in the future, If the Law being a controversial. However, we are the kings in our own. We will be held connection-responsible of ourselves and what we have : our bodies, our feeling, our speech, mind, path of heart, own power and "others".

Shadaqah for what? for example, not as a simple for helping a poor man.  It just a social obligation of empathy of "the suffering" people who could not afford. No! Shadaqah was to connect us with God. In this case not just a reward, there are more important than that.

So What? Make our charity as "the dowry" agreement us with God if you want describe it. Or whatever it's name was. The point was, when we shadaqah money - (remember) - it was an abilities "the power of sharing".

"Oh God, I loved to help this people because I also really like it".
Or maybe one day - "Pleased help me in the difficult days in the world and "the next".
Or "Oh God! I make it easy in my difficult days as I help people to faced they difficulties".
Sort of, that's an example of how to keep "our charity" connected with Allah.

There is a hope in God who carried in action. There is memories at that time through by action. Then forget. Forget it and just go. Go on live the life. We can not offended if people who had do exactly with the same thing as we did in the past. It could be difference. If it did on you, it means you are a picky from sincerely.

To whom you used to give shadaqah? To anyone who really need. Whatever religion, social status - agnostic or devout, No PROBLEM. Just help. Do we want God chose selected to help us and we are godly read the Quran? Of course we want to be help by Him in all circumstances even when we all on our weaknesses. Good luck everyone! It was a wisdom of shadaqah.

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